Wader Conservation World Watch interim news.

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to WCWW5 so far this year. If you were meaning to, but have not got around to it yet, there is still time, but not much. We will be publishing the newsletter by the end of the month so get your lists in soon.

Wood Sandpiper, South Africa; Owen Oertli.

Apologies for the long silence on this subject, two weeks have passed since the event already. We have been extremely busy, not just with sorting through all the contributions, placing birds and people on the respective lists, but also with organising events, talks, sales and subscriptions, the usual Wader Quest business, which has to continue alongside this massive undertaking.

We have had some great sightings from all corners of the world and a particularly magnificent effort from the Wader Quest South Africa team which will be repeorted in the newsletter when it is done.

Masked Lapwing, Australia; Renate Hottmann-Shaefer

We are still receiving, and expecting, results from some countries and we hope that there may still be some new species to add to the list, which would then top last years total. We have missed some species from last year, most notably from Australia and South America, but this has been made for by new species being seen, especially from South Africa.

The number of participants so far is down slightly on last year, but this can be partially explained by at least one bulk contributor that has not been in contact this year. We are hoping to make up that shortfall with other contributions still to come.