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There has been an additional contribution to the WCWW5 event this year, from Brazil. This participation came about due to the announcements made by Save Brasil the BirdLife partner in Brazil.

There was a mix up with sending the results so we didn’t receive them until after we had released the newsletter special.

This brings our total number of participants to 309

As this is an inclusive event where we want everyone who took part, and all organisations involved, to be properly recognised. The newsletter has therefore been revised to include this contribution. It did not add any new species to the list so it is relatively uncomplicated to do.  The link has bee revised but will not be sent out again to everyone. Nothing, apart from the participating organisations’ logos page, stats/map, Roll of Honour and species details has changed.

Thank you again to all who took part in WCWW5 and took the time and trouble to send us your contributions.

We wish everyone involved in wader conservation a very successful 2019.

We look forward to your participation in WCWW6 on November 2nd and/or 3rd 2019.