New Website Page – Featured Wader

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We are pleased to announce a new website page; Featured Wader.

Diademed Sandpiper-Plover; Elis Simpson

We have avoided calling it ‘wader of the week’, or, ‘wader of the month’, as we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to stick to those constraints due to our heavy work and home commitments and, in some cases we may be able to add more at a faster rate. However, when time permits we will compile a new page featuring a different wader each time. It is very difficult to choose one from the 250 or so waders that exist now, so to make life simpler for ourselves we thought we’d start off by following those that we have produced as pin badges. Consequently No1 is the Diademed Sandpiper-Plover. This does not imply that once we have featured all the species we have as pins that the order that follows will be the order in which future badges are produced.

Inevitably some species will have more information than others, so size and frequency will vary, but they will all follow the same basic pattern.


The information will be gleaned from a number of different sources such as books – both new and old, scientific papers, journals, and on-line content, as a result, it will be comprehensive. When the page is replaced by a new one the contents of the old page will become the species details on the gallery of waders, thus we will start to build our library of information. Once the information has migrated onto the species page it will still be added to as new, different or corrected information arises along with new photos that are supplied to us depicting behaviour, plumages and other interesting visual information..

So for now, take a look at the Diademed Sandpiper-Plover on our new Featured Wader page which hitherto will permanerntly be found at the top of the What Are Waders? drop down menu on the home page.