New Featured Wader – Ruddy Turnstone

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It was a good job we didn’t commit ourselves to the time span between posting the ‘Featured Wader’ pages, as the second such page, based on our pin badges to date, is the Ruddy Turnstone which is a species with a massive amount of information to share. We had a great deal of fun researching all that we have written there from our own extensive library and beyond. However it is likely that there are some interesting snippets that we have missed and also perhaps misunderstood, so if you feel there is something wrong or missing, let us know.

All the details from the Diademed Sandpiper-Plover page have been transferred to the gallery section where we will over time build up information about each species, but this will take some time, of course.

So make yourself a cuppa, pull up a favourite chair, and find out all about Ruddy Turnstones.