Wader Quest April Newsletter available now.

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The April Wader Quest The Newsletter (Vol 6: Issue 1) is also now out and can be found on the website under Our Newsletters in the News section

In this issue

  • Charity news and updates
  • New subscription rates reminder
  • Sands of Change – Series 1: Episode2: Taryn  – Stories from the beaches of South Africa
  • Common Sandpiper Migration – Ron Summers


Common Sandpiper by Szabolcs Kókay.

This artwork is available through the Wader Quest shop. 30% of the price goes to Wader Quest.


  • Book Review – Common and Spotted Sandpipers by Phil Holland
  • Waders in art – Heidi Lots

Wilson’s Phalarope by Heidi Lots

  • Unusual Ruddy Turnstone feeding behaviour – Jaysukh Parekh ‘Suman
  • White Curlew – Brian Clasper

White Curlew, England: Brian Clasper

  • Other white waders – Rick and Elis Simpson
  • Waders in Poetry – Karen Lloyd
  • From the Library – British Waders in their Haunts S. Bayliss Smith.
  • Black Oystercatchers – A summary of the world’s black Oystercatchers – Rick Simpson

Variable Oystercatcher, New Zealand: Elis Simpson

  • Featured Photo: Kentish Plover by Tomas Lundquist
  • Kentish Plover What’s in a name – Rick Simpson

Kentish Plover, United Arab Emirates: Elis Simpson

  • Wader Quest Shop
  • Wader photo gallery