WCWW6 Newsletter Special and Anniversary Grant.

Wader Conservation World Watch 6 Newsletter Special

Firstly, we would like to thank each and every one of our participants for their contribution this year, your support means a lot to us and we appreciate it very much. It is heartening to know that so many people care about wader conservation and recognise its importance.

It’s taken some time to compile the results, but the Newsletter Special, with all the details of Wader Conservation World Watch 6, is finally completed and posted on the website here.

In it you will find the details of all the birds seen, where they were seen and, of course, the all important Roll of Honour with a complete list of names of those who stood up to show that they care about wader conservation and are acutely aware of the worldwide crisis these birds are facing. There are also articles from some of the contributors about their weekend experiences.

Great Thick-knee; Sri lanka.

Prize draw winner

This year’s Prize Draw of a signed Lars Jonsson wader chicks and eggs poster was won by Brittany Arendse in South Africa. Brittany works for nature’s Valley Trust with White-fronted Plovers and African Black Oystercatchers and has been a regular contributor to the quarterly Wader Quest Newsletters, so we were delighted when her name came out of the hat.


2019 Wader Quest Anniversary Grant

We are also very happy to announce that the 2019 Wader Quest Anniversary Grant has been awarded to a project in Malaysia. This is a Nature Camp Program proposed by the Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project an independent project run by independent local researchers. To take place in January 2020 submitted by Nur Munira Azman.