Migratory Bird Day: For those with a little Spanish

If you speak Spanish this may prove very interesting: Note the time 23.00 hrs. Something to do to round off your Migratory Bird Day activities.

Images by Heidi Lots for Migratory Bird Day

Heidi Lots, who has been one of our featured artists in the Wader Quest The Newsletter Vol 6 Issue 1 has sent us this information for Migratory Bird Day.

Among the many things happening on the 9th of May for Migratory Bird Day, the Aves Gualeguaychu organisation will be presenting a conference entitled Migración en Sudamérica y en Argentina (Migration in South America and Argentina) with local expert Diego Tomas Tuero.

Many waders (Red Knot, Buff-breasted Sandpiper and American Golden Plover for example) migrate to and within (Magellanic Plover, Rufous-chested and Tawny-throated Dotterels) South America and Argentina so this should be a very interesting presentation.

  • It will cover the general aspects of migration to be found in South America and Argentina.
  • It will talk about migrating birds themselves and the adaptations they have made to successfully undergo their annual journeys.
  • What we know about bird migration in South America and Argentina, and the behavior of the more than two hundred species that migrate within the continent, will be looked at.
  • Also, the importance of the contribution birders can make (citizen science) to better understand migratory patterns in South America will be discussed.