It’s here! WCWW7 is this weekend – let’s get wader watching!

Whether you call them waders or shorebirds, they are still the most exciting group of birds on the planet (in our opinion) and they are also some of the most threatened birds on earth.


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Their conservation is urgent and crucial, so why not show that you are aware of the challenges facing these birds and show your appreciation for the wonderful conservationists who devote their time and talent to preserving them and their habitat, by simply going to look for waders, or shorebirds, this weekend.

Its fun and so easy: no registration, no sign up.


Just go birding.

Note what you see.

Email and tell us what you saw, where and with whom.

You can also send us photos of you or the birds you see.

It couldn’t be simpler.

We will compile a joint world wader list of all species seen collectively and create a Roll of Honour to include the names of everyone who participates and post both on this website and produce a newsletter with all the information, photographs and stories that we receive from around the world.

All emails will be answered personally.