World Curlew Day

It is world Curlew Day, when we concentrate our thoughts towards the different species of Curlew and Whimbrel around the world and the trouble they are in.

  1. N. borealis   Eskimo Curlew  Critically Endangered (EXTINCT) Top left © BNHM
  2. N. tenuirostris     Slender-billed Curlew  Critically Endangered (EXTINCT) – Top middle © Ashley Banwell
  3. N. madasgariensis    Far Eastern Curlew  Endangered – Top right © Elis Simpson
  4. N. tahitiensis   Bristle-thighed Curlew  Vulnerable  – Centre left © Forest & Kim Starr
  5. N. arquata   Eurasian Curlew  Near Threatened – Centre middle © Elis Simpson
  6. N. americanus   Long-billed Curlew  Least Concern (decreasing) – Centre right © Elis Simpson
  7. N. minutus   Little Curlew / Whimbrel  Least Concern  (stable) – Bottom left © Ric Else
  8. N. phaeopus   Eurasian Whimbrel  Least Concern – Bottom centre © Elis Simpson
  9. N. hudsonicus   Hudsonian Whimbrel  Least Concern – Bottom right © Elis Simpson

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