Wader Olympics for Plover Appreciation Day

Wader Olympics article cover page

In celebration of Plover Appreciation Day, we have reproduced an article written during the Japanese Olympic Games.

As we write this storm Evert is thundering its way across southern England and our ears echo with the sound of rain lashing against the window of the house. In some ways this is quite appropriate as the birds that mainly feature in the initial part of this article are the Pluvialis plovers, the tundra plovers. These birds have been traditionally connected to the coming of rain, the genus name Pluvialis coming from the Latin pluvia meaning rain.

Whilst Evert is thrashing our shores, on distant shores in the Pacific Ocean, athletes from across the world are kicking up a storm of their own as the delayed 2020 Olympics take place in Japan. Newscasters from countries across the world will be reporting back each day on their national team’s successes and failures and the tally of accolades will be proudly (it is to be hoped) totted up. These accolades are the traditional Gold, Silver and Bronze medals that we bestow upon the best athlete’s we can produce stretching the abilities of the human body to ever greater excesses.
This got us to wondering what events a team of waders may excel at if there were an Wader Olympics.

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