Countdown to WCWW8; 4 days to go

This week we are counting down to Wader Conservation World Watch, with artworks from five fantastic artists.

Now only four days to go to Wader Conservation World Watch and today we are celebrating the Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata, which is on many people’s minds these days,especially in Britain and Europe where they are doing badly when it comes to breeding success, leading to dramatic declines. This stunning street art is by ATM, who’s work we featured in the October newsletter.

ATM wrote: Curlew have always held a place close to my heart, their wild, haunting calls and the evocative windswept landscapes they inhabit are heaven to me. If only I could render in paint the power of their timeless, melancholy song, and communicate this to an urban audience. Were they to hear it they may care more. To realise they are the UK’s fastest disappearing bird is all the more galling. The percentage numbers of the rate of their decline does not bear repeating, but in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and now England it is disastrous, and they could soon disappear forever from these shores. They are vanishing from our uplands and farmland as these are over-exploited, drained, ploughed, planted and developed.