Final results of WCWW8 now published.

After a great deal of email and list checking, we are finally able to reveal the results of the 8th Wader Conservation World Watch.

Last year was a great surprise to us, the rise in numbers was startling, especially as half the world was in lockdown at the time. Was it lockdown that was responsible for the growth, or was the success due to improved profile? This year we held our breath. We set ourselves three modest aims. Those aims were:

  1. To reach 500 participants.
  2. To beat the species tally for the original Wader Quest travels (175)
  3. To raise the number of countries participating by 10.

Well, of course COVID is still with us and some places, as I write, are going back into lockdown, but all three of our aims were achieved; 579 participants; 176 species; 64 countries (53 last year).

Read all about who saw what and where in the WCWW8 Newsletter Special.