Global Birdfair a great success

The Wader Quest stand

Wader Quest attended the recent Global Bird Fair, which was a great success.

Rick opening his talk.

We were privileged to have two talk sessions one on Saturday and the other on Sunday when Rick Simpson talked bout why we are so passionate about waders and how inspiring they are. The talk was well received on both occasions.

There was a steady footfall through the Robin Marquee where we were situated and sales, subscriptions (six sign-ups immediately after one talk) and donations came in steadily.

Volunteers (L to R) Karen Hadley, Elis Simpson, Rick Simpson, Phil Hadley

On Saturday Rick and Elis, who were present all weekend, were joined by Phil and Karen Hadley. This allowed them to do a good deal of networking to good effect away from the stand. Phil and Karen’s friendly and positive disposition were very successful in engaging with the public and keeping their interest while visiting the stand.




Here were some of our friends, old and new, we met over the weekend.

Kirsty Yeomans Crow Artist (R) with sister Kelly and Rick Simpson
Neel Sureja

And of course the organisers of Global Bird Fair and Wader Quest Patrons; Tim Appleton and Penny Robinson.

Rick Simpson, Penny Robinson, Tom Appleton, Elis Simpson

We also caught up with Nanette Roland

We would also like to thank Opticron for printing the posters on the stand and who have been Founder Corporate Sponsors since we began and of course we would like to thank everyone who visited the stand and we welcome all the new Friends of Wader Quest that joined us over the weekend.

During the pandemic and now with money so tight for everyone, there have been times when we have thought about giving up, being in the doldrums with finances dwindling .

This weekend has proved though, that all we were missing was the chance to get out and meet people, friends and strangers alike. This has been a great weekend for Wader Quest and also, as it turns out for us personally.

We go ahead now with a new lease of life even more determined than ever to make the world a safer place for waders.