Association of Animal Artists auction opens today – raising money for Wader Quest.

Th AAA annual Postcard Auction is open for bidding from today.


As an animal loving association, every year AAA organises events to raise money for its chosen animal charity. For this auction the AAA members very kindly create and donate original 6×4” pieces of artwork which can receive bids through the AAA jumblebee page.

This year, as their chosen partner charity is Wader Quest, they asked that all of the postcards feature a species of wading bird. There was a splendid selection of artworks produced and of such a high quality that we feel that this is likely to be a huge success.

So, a big vote of thanks to the AAA members and to you too if you like what you see, and make a bid to purchase one of these lovely little artworks, which will benefit wader conservation.

Click on the image to view the auction page.