Autumn 2022 Wader Quest newsletter is published.

Autumn 2022 Wader Quest newsletter is published today, please click on the following link to view.

Contents included in this issue

2: Wader Quest information.
3-7: Wader Quest news.
8: Wader Quest Team Global Big Day.
9: Wader Guru launched / Wader Conservation World Watch.
10-14: Wader Quest Brasil news.
15: Wader Quest South Africa regional roundup.
16-19: Mitigating for Waders on Construction Sites.
19: Linnaeus’ sense of humour? Ornithogalum.
20: AJD the Bar-tailed Godwit’s life history becomes a book.
21: Waders in Poetry – Christian Kouroumihalis.
22-23: Island Harbour Ball Field Welcomes Shorebirds.
24: Wader Soduku.
25-27: Cover picture Curlew Sandpiper.
27: From the library.
28-31: Waders in art – Nicolas Dillon.
32-34: Sands of Change Series 3 Episode 1
35-36: Wader news from around the world – in brief.
37: Two Toes the Hooded Plover.
38-43: Wader Quest shop.
44: Guidelines for applications for Wader Quest grants
& disbursements made.