Wader Quest Anniversary Grant winner announced

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Alicia at work © Jacob Burley

The Wader Quest grants panel had a number of really interesting projects to explore for this year’s anniversary grant. All had their merits and it was a difficult choice, but in the end the grant is going to Alicia Hayden, a young wildlife artist, filmmaker, writer, animator, and photographer who is going to produce a short film exploring The Eurasian Curlew, highlight it’s problems and hopefully encourage more people to become involved in solving, or at least aware of, the woes that face one of our most emblematic waders in the UK.

Having grown up in North Yorkshire, Alicia is familiar with the Curlews that frequent our moorlands, but she knows that many young people are not. Curlews are now a Red Listed species in the UK, and are Near Threatened globally – since 1970, they have declined a staggering 65% due to changing farming practises, land use, and predation. Alicia said ‘I grew up listening to the Curlew’s beautiful but haunting song – many young people today will have never had this opportunity, so I hope this film will give them chance to experience Curlews, and inspire them to protect them’.

The film will explore the life of Curlews, from birth to death, showing a side to Curlews that many people will never get to see. Additionally, using animations in conjunction with traditional film footage will attract a new audience to natural history, and will help visualise the threats Curlews face in a way which is suitable for all.

We wish her the best of luck with her film and greatly look forward to seeing it.

See Alicia’s show reel here Alicia Hayden Film & Animation Showreel October 2022 – YouTube.

If you would like to know more about Alicia and her work visit her website Alicia Hayden – wildlife artist, filmmaker, writer, animator, and photographer.