Latest newsletter released Vol. 11 Iss. 1

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In this issue:

2: Wader Quest information

3: Wader Quest news

4- 5: Grants awarded

6: News from Brazil

7: Fundraising news; Big Green Hike 2024

8: Fundraising News; My Giving Circle grant / Republic of Ireland’s National Bird

9: Fun facts about Curlews

10-11:Curlew Action workshop

12-13: Severn and Avon Vales Curlew Project updates 1&2

14:  Colour ringed Curlews I Devon

15: More colour-ringed waders

16-18: Obituary Virginia Sanz

18: From the library 

19-20: The world’s oldest Spoon-billed Sandpiper specimen

21: A Spoony in Europe? / Spoony news from Thailand

22-24: Perseverance pays off with first Spoon-billed Sandpiper in the Philippines  / Will juvenile birds survive the dry future?

25: Wader Conservation World Watch reminder

26: Book Review – The Purple Sandpiper by Ron Summers

27-28: Who’s who in Wader Nomenclature, Fame and Obscurity / A mascot to be proud of

29-31: Cover Photo / Malaysian Plover

32-33: Waders in Art; Fernando Igor de Godoy

34-36: Disrupted Serenity; Understanding the impact of human disturbance on wading birds in Langstone Harbour

37-38: First Lapwing egg of 2024 found in the Netherlands

39: Wader Guru / How you can help Wader Quest

40: Red Dragon Metal Art wader ornaments

41-46: Wader Quest shop

47: Guidelines for applications for Wader Quest grants

& disbursements made