Total funds raised and donated since 12/09/2012

(Includes reserve funds in hand)


A big thank you to all our supporters, sponsors and friends who made all this possible. Please note these figures only reflect the income derived from Friends of Wader Quest, Sponsorship and donations received. It is ring-fenced so that 100% of this income is used for wader conservation and research funding. Income from merchandising remains separate and is self sustaining. Occasionally money is used from merchandising and sales to fund conservation, but never the other way around.

Current fundraising project: 

We do not have a current appeal but donations are always welcome and 100% will go to wader conservation projects.


Other donations and disbursements

Previous Appeals

Total Raised for Spoon-billed Sandpipers:    £3,526.06

Total Raised for Hooded Plovers:                £1,316.33

Total raised for Magellanic Plover Fund:      £3,000.00

Total raised for Pak Thale Fund:                 £1,000.00

Total raised for Humber Ringing Group:      £1,782.02

Appeals total: £10,624.41


05/03/2014: £20.94 (US$35.00) – Donated to Western Snowy Plover appeal. Audubon California.

20/03/2014: £20.94 (US$35.00) – Donated to Galveston oil spill appeal. Audubon, Texas.

24/03/2015: £34.41 (US$50.00) – Donated to Waders in Working Wetlands – Shorebird Extravaganza.

26/03/2015: £53.02 (AUD100.00) – Donated to STOP Shorebirds from Dying BirdLife Australia.

20/07/2015: £10.00 – Donated to Saint Helena National Trust ‘Adopt a Wirebird’ (St Helena Plover).

18/12/2015: £95.73 (AUD200.00) – Donated to BirdLife Australia for the Silent Shorebird Crisis Appeal.

29/12/2015: £141.27 (US$ 200.00) – Donated to South Island Wildlife Hospital.

07/01/2016: £199.85 (R$1,125.00) –  Donated to Conectando os Pontos donated via Kickante site.

06/04/2016: £100.72 (NZ$200.00) – Donated to Pukorokoro Miranda Trust for purchase of Robert Findlay Reserve.

20/04/2016: £100.00 – Donated to Mary Colwell for The Curlew Walk.

22/01/2017: £100.00 – Donated to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Hazel Barrow Appeal.

05/03/2017: £336.24 (AU$520.71) – Donated to Wing Threads.

14/03/2017: £94.18 (US$115.00) – Donated to Protect our Plovers; San Francisco Bird Observatory.

13/04/2017: £50.00 – Donated to the Azerbaijan research project.

05/05/2017: £153.33 (AU$265.61) – Donated to Tassie Shorebird Rescue.

13/08/2017: £50.00 – Donated to Ben’s big Curlew Ride (BTO)

15/08/2017: £15.00 – Donated to Snettisham Hide Appeal (RSPB)

01/05/2018: £1,000.00 – Donated to the world’s largest bird table – emergency food aid for the Endangered Great Knot.

04/05/2018: £100.00 – Donated to Whaups Up! Scottish Curlew Conference.

25/05/2018: £438.67 (ZAR1,750.00) – Donated to Nature’s Valley Trust, Western Cape South Africa for educational booklets, brochures and equipment.

20/06/2018: £100.00 – Donated binoculars to Southend School for Girls nature club.

07/07/2018: £119.00 – Donation to Curlew Country South Cumbria for fundraising and publicity banners.

Total Donations made: £3,333.30

Grants Fund:

26/09/2014: £70.81 Celluloid colour rings and measuring equipment purchased for use on Javan Plover and White-headed Stilt and sent to Anak Burung Birdbanding Club, Indonesia.

29/10/2014: £133.14 Five mist nets purchased to capture and monitor wintering waders and sent to CORBIDI (Centro de Ornitología y Biodiversidad) in Paracas National Reserve, Peru.

30/10/2015: £350.00 Opticron IS70 (18-54 eyepiece) telescope and Opticron 10×50 Discovery binoculars for monitoring human disturbance on South African beaches sent to Nature’s Valley Trust, Western Cape, South Africa.

17/12/2015: £55.39 Celluloid colour rings purchased for use on Javan Plover and sent to Anak Burung Birdbanding Club, Indonesia.

09/02/2016: £650.00 Colour engraved leg flags purchased for use with Nearctic waders sent to Conectando os Pontos, Paraíba, Brazil.

31/10/2016: £217.33 Ringing pliers and weighing scales for use to study migrant wader habitat selection, sent to  Migratory ecology of Charadriiforms project along the Brazilian coast.

05/12/2016: £178.12 Celluloid colour leg rings, various sizes. Migratory ecology of Charadriiforms project along the Brazilian coast.

01/05/2018: £1,000.00 (€1111.80) 5th Anniversary Grant; Conservation of Waders in the Ciénaga de San Juan de los Cayos (additional donation from Opticron of £500 optics).

Total disbursements from Grants Fund: £2,654.79

Please note these figures do not include income from merchandising and sales and only reflect monies that are ring-fenced for wader conservation.