Applications are invited from individuals or projects.

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All applications are considered by the Wader Quest Grants Panel

Projects should ideally be directed to one or more of the following funding priorities:
• Investigating the status of Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable or Near-threatened wader species
• Attempting to further the knowledge of current Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of significant importance to waders, through breeding surveys and conducting systematic counts
• Investigating potential new IBAs or ornithologically little known areas for waders
• Conducting ecological studies of little-known wader species
• Educational programmes, especially aimed at school children and youth to conserve and protect waders and their habitat
Priority will be given to projects:
• Conducted by Nationals of the country where the activity will take place
• Containing an educational element, that engage with local communities and/or have an element of long-term sustainability of the project, such as training of local counterparts or raising awareness of wader conservation within the wider community
• Providing an improvement in the understand of the conservation needs of a under studied wader species through research