Wader Quest organises or participates in a number of events all around the UK, aimed at raising awareness of the plight of and conservation of our waders. Please take part in these and if you see us, come and say hello. We will also publish relevant events, that we don’t attend, in this section for your information. Details about our talks.

Rick and Elis Simpson’s talks schedule


Wader Conservation World Watch 2023

4th & 5th November


Taking part is easy:

  1. Go out and see waders/shorebirds wherever you are in the world.
  2. Send us an email telling us what you have seen and where.
  3. Look for your birds on the species list and your name on the roll-of-honour on this website.

Once you’ve taken part, you can log your results here, on eBird, or drop us an email.

You will receive a Wader Quest Special Edition WCWW e-newsletter link emailed to you with all the results, a species list and the roll-of-honour.

2022 WCWW Newsletter Special published.

More information: WCWW page