Looking for speakers for your club or society events? Rick and Elis Simpson are available to give talks and offer a variety of titles, the majority of which are about the world’s waders, their conservation and Rick and Elis’ own travels to see many of them.

COVID 19 – Currently live talks are not possible, but feel free to get in touch if you are planning live talks in the future as restrictions begin to lift. We are hoping to recommence live talks this September (2021) with bookings already confirmed. However if you would prefer online meetings instead, then we are equally happy to arrange those too.

Fees from talks will go to Rick Simpson, who is a self-employed speaker, and writer, and as such these fees are subject to taxation. In addition the speaker pays an annual advertising fee to Wader Quest. All talks, regardless of the title, are given by Rick and Elis Simpson with the primary intention of promoting, and raising funds for, Wader Quest. All money raised from sales, donations and subscription sign-ups resulting from these talks goes direct to Wader Quest (see the bottom of the page for details of funds raised in this manner to date).





On our first visit to any club we like to give the Wader Quest talk (see below) to introduce who we are, what we do, and little of why we do it.

Wader Quest talk

For those who have not heard of Wader Quest this talk introduces the organisation through the beauty and diversity of the waders to be found around the world; some of which are quite surprising. This talk is liberally scattered with stunning photos and information about the birds and includes some amusing personal anecdotes from Rick and Elis’ travels to see waders. It is both entertaining and informative while emphasising the acute crisis that is facing wader conservation and how we can all help to combat it. Two halves of 45 mins each; can be flexible (break optional).

‘Thoroughly enjoyable, informative, well-illustrated and energising talk’

John, East Surrey

‘informative & entertaining” talk …’;

Ann, Milton Keynes

‘Many thanks for a great evening. Entertaining, informative and some great pictures of birds we don’t get in Watford’

John, Watford

‘A most informative, entertaining and thought provoking evening’

Paul, Derbyshire

‘Rick has a very easy relaxed style about him and gets right to the heart of the problems the worlds waders are facing.’

Denis, Nuneaton

‘Your talks are entertaining and educational, delivered with passion and knowledge of the subject.’

Dave, Northants

‘Thank you both for sharing with us your knowledge and passion. It was an entertaining, informative and the same time a thought provoking and challenging evening’

RSPB NE London Group

Other talks available include


New – An Inspiration of Waders

Based on the book of the same name by Rick and Elis Simpson (all sales income goes to Wader Quest), this talk explores how waders have inspired people, the arts, culture, myths and legends and how they are, in themselves, a most inspiring group of birds. The final act is to suggest a collective noun for the mixed or unidentified clouds of waders such as we see over our estuaries in winter.
Two halves of 45 mins each; can be flexible (break optional).

Plover Lovers’ World of Delights

Plovers at home and abroad. Looking at British plovers and some of their equivalents around the world with some insights into their natural history and place in our lives. Two halves of 35 mins each; can be flexible (break optional).

New – Sea Pies, Smudgies and Tobies; The World’s my Oystercatcher

There are twelve species of oystercatcher in the world, half are black-and-white the other half are all black however one species can’t make up its mind. We’ll explore the fascinating world of oystercatchers and our connection to them. Two halves of 45 mins each; can be flexible (break optional).

New – New Moon on the Wane – The Curse of the Curlews

Curlew species are declining across the world, two are probably already extinct. We look at why this is happening and talk about each of the species in the genus Numenius.  A variety of talk lengths available.

‘Thank you for a wonderful presentaion which was enjoyed by everyone. Clearly a lot of thought and research had gone into preparing it.’

Gehan, London

‘On behalf of our group I would like to thank you both for the excellent talk you gave last night. The evening was a great success and I am sure we all learned a lot about the history of the Curlew and its rather tragic interaction with us humans. Despite the rather sombre message on the current plight of the Curlew the talk was very entertaining and full of life.’

Steve, Crowthorne

Confessions of a Bird Guide

If you have ever wondered what your bird guide thinks of you this is your chance to find out; based on the book Confessions of a Bird Guide by Rick Simpson. Explore what it means to be a bird guide and how the clients are viewed. Lavishly illustrated by Elis’ photos of wonderful mainly Brazilian birds. Two halves of 45 mins each; can be flexible (break optional).

‘Thank you for a great talk last night. Great entertainment!’

Paul, Milton Keynes

‘Thank you so much for an amazing talk on Friday! The humour, information and photos were very much appreciated by the audience, whose expectations, following your previous talks, were surpassed!

Ann, Southport

Please Contact Us for further details or to book a talk.

Had a cancellation?  We are often available at short notice!

We are already booked to deliver a number of talks – there may be one near you; check the talks schedule for details.

As of 07/02/2021 these talks have realised  £5,217.17 in sales / £2,106.53 in donations / and 112 new Friends and Sponsors totalling £2,117.50 membership income.

Wader Quest has therefore benefitted to the sum of £9,441.20 generated from these presentations.