List of the articles and essays we have written that have appeared either as a blog or in the newsletter or are hitherto unpublished. All titles are by Rick and Elis Simpson unless otherwise stated:

    1. An inspiration of waders – The collective noun for an unidentified or mixed flock of waders in acrobatic flight.
    2. Captive breeding and headstarting explained – How these two methods are used to help Critically Endangered birds.
    3. How are waders being affected by warming tundra? – Climate change is bringing changes to the tundra and affecting breeding waders there.
    4. The world’s wattled waders – Some Jacanas and Lapwings sport flashy wattles and / or lappets.
    5. A mythical Māori bird is gone, but its name still lives on (albeit in an extinct bird!) – The discovery of a new fossil species in New Zealand.
    6. Benthos; aka wader food – What lurks in the mud that waders love to eat so much?
    7. Plover Appreciation Day 2020 – A Day In Search Of British Plovers
    8. A Quest for Waders book launch – Announcing the publication of A Quest for Waders.
    9. What’s in a name: The Dotterel – An exerpt from An Inspiration of Waders concerning how the Dotterel got its name.
    10. Willen Lake; how a leak led to a waderfest – How a leaking sluice created wader habitat on an inland lake; by Andrew MacGarvey
    11. A trio of remarkable wader observations for Kevin Zimmer in California – A desert bird on the beach, a melanistic individual and a vagrant rarity, all on one day, in one place.
    12. New Breeding behaviour discovered for Nordmann’s Greenshank – Of seven nest found this is the first record of one not in a tree.
    13. The extirpation of a Sparrow colony – How the gradual removing of birds from all our environments is symptomatic of what is happening the the world’s waders.
    14. Wader photography; my insights and experiences – A discussion about what makes waders good to photograph and one man’s experience of doing so; by Dylan Parry-Davies.
    15. What has Bonaparte got to do with waders? – Summarising Lucien Bonaparte’s contribution to ornithology.
    16. Dotterel: what’s in a name? – A look at the various plovers called Dotterel around the world.
    17. British summer-visiting breeding waders – Some details about the lives and status of the UK’s six summer visiting breeding waders.
    18. In editing
    19. Wader Quest and the Aves Limícolas Project in Brazil – Details about our partnership.
    20. In editing
    21. Kentish Plover; What’s in a Name? – A look at why the inappropriately named Kentish Plover is so called.
    22. Wader Swamp Shooting in the Caribbean
    23. Wader Olympics – Gold, Silver and Bronze Plovers
    24. South American Breeding Wader Series No1 – Lapwings
    25. Vagrant Northern Lapwings in North America