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A Quest for Waders


The long awaited book chronicling Rick and Elis Simpson’s travels to see as many waders, or shorebirds if you prefer, in a year.

This book has it all, hilarious anecdotes told in a gritty style, personal family tragedy, elation and disappointment, joy and woe. The descriptive text conjures up the birds and places visited, all written with a weathered eye on the conservation issues facing waders across the globe.

There are two journeys running trough this book, the travelling to see waders, and the story of Wader Quest itself from its inadvertent beginnings to the charity it is today.

Rick and Elis Simpson have sacrificed much in their lives to dedicate their time and energy into promoting wader conservation. Find out what drives them in their all consuming passion for these wonderful birds.

Foreword by Dominic Couzens



ISBN 978-0-9955146-2-1 (Wader Quest Publishing) | A5 portrait format. Contains 362 pages of lively text written by Rick Simpson. | 54 pages with colour photos by Elis Simpson | 36 line drawings of waders by Rick Simpson

What a great book ! A huge pleasure to read. Wow you guys are both mad and tough and there were several places where my heart was in my mouth… I learnt so much about world waders, many of which I’d never heard of made even better by Elis’ lovely photos’

– Roderick Leslie.



‘I looked into the foreword and the first couple of pages and, before I knew where I was, I found myself completing chapter three!!  Great pictures too. Warm congratulations on what will surely become a birders’ best seller.’

– Keith Lodge

‘Breathtakingly excellent – like a birding Michael Palin. The photographs and drawings are fantastic, and the text is fast-moving, endlessly entertaining and amusing.’ 

Jim Wright

Read a review by Jim Wright; Hon Sec. Lincolnshire Bird Club (The Wryneck Blogspot)

‘This book is all of the things that the reviews on the back cover, and the excellent Foreword by Dominic Couzens, promise.’ 

– Mike and Rose Clear.

‘Rick’s descriptions, in particular of the rarer species, are detailed and important, while Elis’ pictures are amazing when you consider the conditions under which some of them were taken. 
I would recommend reading this book, Rick has the knack of telling a good story.
A book which educates and entertains in equal measure.’

Andrew MacGarvey

Read a full review by Andrew MacGarvey Editor of the Bucks Bird Club Bulletin

‘Do the long, dark evenings make you daydream about a life change?
Rick and Elis Simpson went ahead and did it!
The result is a very entertaining and well written book about dreams, conservation and, above all, waders! Get a copy.’

– Dominic Couzens

‘Rick is a natural storyteller, it is clear that he has a unique understanding and love of birds, particularly waders.
Writing with a palpable warmth, Rick certainly has the ability to deliver a poignant message.
This book has an enchanting montage of experiences and, with Elis’ beautiful colour photographs, it is perfect for all to enjoy.’

– Sandra Herman JP. MSc. BSc (Hons).

‘… a good read. Most importantly, it is a worthy read because profits go to Wader Quest. And that alone makes buying a copy a must.’

– James Lowan