Szabolcs Kókay

Hungarian artist Szabolcs Kókay has made the following artworks available for sale through wader Quest. They are all original watercolours on paper, are signed (not all photos below display the signature) and are unframed. The size you see is the size of the paper on which they are painted.

Szabolcs’ facebook page.

Szabolcs featured as our wader artist in Wader Quest The Newsletter Vol 3 Issue 3 2016

For each painting sold through Wader Quest we will receive a donation (30% of the value) from the artist.

The price includes post and packing.

Orders and other inquiries can be made by email

Szabolcs also has a Red Bubble page with many more designs for you to choose from. He will donate 30% of his profits from any wader design to Wader Quest (except Spoon-billed Sandpiper, those donations go to the Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task force).

Szabi's Red Bubble collection.


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