Jose Arcas

Although Jose Arcas has a Ph.D in Biology, and worked on several  bird conservation projects in Spain, his real passion is painting them. “Bird painting gave me what science and bibliography could not, another way of gaining a deeper knowledge of birds. Although I like all painting media, watercolour is my favorite because it gives me the ability to  capture the light of a concrete moment in nature.” Jose lives in Vigo, Galicia, a region in northwestern Spain and grew up surrounded by marine environments (Vigo is one of the most important fishing ports in Europe) “and that’s why my favorite subjects are marine birds, specially gulls and waders.” Occasionally, he also does bronze sculptures too, especially of some mammals like the Iberian lynx, Lynx pardinus.

Jose’s website.

Jose featured as our wader artist in Wader Quest The Newsletter Vol 7 Issue 1 2020

Jose has made the following artworks available for sale through wader Quest. They are all original watercolours on paper, are signed and are unframed.

The size you see in the details is the size of the paper on which they are painted.

For each painting sold through Wader Quest we will receive a donation (12% of the value) from the artist.

The price does not include post and packing.

Orders and other inquiries can be made by email:

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