Collectable Badges –

Nos 0-23 £2.00 plus postage and packaging

Nos 24-27 £3.00 plus post and packing

No 28 £2.50 Exclusively available to Friends of Wader Quest subscribers paid up for 2021. (Collectors; you can sign up as a Friend of Wader Quest for as little as £10 per annum in order to qualify to purchase this exclusive and limited badge.)


Wader Quest is producing a series of enameled pin badges, there are currently 19 including the Wader Quest logo badge. In addition there are others depicting waders from across the world. Some familiar and readily seen in many places, others rare and exotic from remote locations. Each pin has a card with two photos on front; one of the bird from which the pin was designed and the other a photo of typical habitat in which the bird can be found and where the pin is attached to the card. Click on the badge to see a larger image.

Please email all orders to us. At the moment we can only accept card payments through PayPal or by cheque and bank transfer. Thank you.