There have been a number of projects to follow long distance wader migrations. Some examples can be found below:

General infomation:

Australasian Wader Study GroupTracking, multiple species

ManometShorebird tracking

Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve NetworkNumerous projects

Wash Wader Ringing GroupNumerous projects


American Oystercatcher tracking Project – American Black Oystercatcher


Victorian Wader Study Group – Oriental Pratincole


Queensland Wader Study GroupSatellite tracking of Pacific Golden Plover

Victorian Wader Study Group Grey Plover tracking

Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust (PMNT) / Brigham Young University Hawaii Satellite tracking New Zealand’s Pacific Golden Plovers


Victorian Wader Study Group – Far Eastern Curlew

Boise State University – Long-billed Curlew Satellite tracking

Global Flyway Network –  Migration tracks of Black-tailed Godwits, Eurasian Curlew and Nordmann’s Greenshank from Hong Kong can now be followed on Global Flyway Network webpage:

Victorian Wader Study Group – Whimbrel

Victorian Wader Study Group – Little Curlew

Victorian Wader Study Group – Grey-tailed Tattler

Latham’s Snipe Project – Latham’s Snipe

Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea ResearchRed Knots and Bar-tailed Godwits tracking

Saving the Spoon-billed SandpiperSpoon-billed Sandpiper conservation