Scientific Name:

Himantopus novaezelandiae


Black Stilt / Kakī


Black Stilt / Kakī Fact File

Distribution: South Island – New Zealand – Endemic

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Subspecies: None – Monotypic

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Current conservation efforts

This species, known locally as the Kakī has been the subject of intensive conservation efforts since 1981 when there were only 23 birds left in the wild. The Kakī recovery programme is run by the New Zealand Department of Conservation in partnership with the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust in Christchurch. Numbers in 2017 were up to 106 adult birds. The key threats to the species include predators, habitat loss and human disturbance. Read more about this vital programme:


Black Stilt Kakī



Black Stilt Kakī




All photographs by Elis Simpson