Scientific Name:

Turnix suscitator


Barred Buttonquail


Barred Buttonquail Fact File

Distribution: Widespread in Oriental Asia

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Subspecies: Sixteen

T. s. plumbipes: Nepal to north-eastern India and northern Myanmar
T. s. bengalensis: Central and southern areas of West Bengal (north-eastern India)
T. s. taigoor: India (except above)
T. s. leggei: Sri Lanka
T. s. okinavensis: South Kyushu Island to Ryukyu Island (Japan)
T. s. rostratus: Taiwan
T. s. blakistoni: Eastern Myanmar to southern China and northern Indochina
T. s. pallescensSouth-central Myanmar
T. s. thai: North-western and central Thailand
T. s. atrogularis: Southern Myanmar; southern Thailand; Malay Peninsula
T. s. suscitator: Sumatra; Java; Bawean; Belitung; Bangka; and Bali
T. s. powelli: Lombok to Alor (Lesser Sundas)
T. s. rufilatus: Sulawesi
T. s. haynaldi: Palawan and nearby islands (western Philippines)
T. s. fasciatus: Luzon; Mindoro; Masbate; Sibuyan (n Philippines)
T. s. nigrescens: Cebu; Guimaras; Negros; and Panay (Philippines)


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