Scientific Name:

Turnix sylvaticus


Common Buttonquail


Common Buttonquail Fact File

Alternative English names:  Andalusian Hemipode, Andalucian Hemipode, Common Button Quail, Kurrichane Buttonquail (lepurana), Kurrichane Button Quail (lepurana), Little Bustardquail, Little Button Quail but see here), Small Button Quail, Striped Buttonquail, Striped Button Quail.

Distribution: Widespread in Africa and Oriental Asia

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Subspecies: Nine

T. s. sylvaticus: Southern Iberian Peninsula; and north-western Africa
T. s. lepurana: Africa south of the Sahara
T. s. dussumier: Eastern Iran to Myanmar
T. s. davidi: Central Thailand to southern China; northern Indochina and Taiwan
T. s. bartelsorum: Java; and Bali
T. s. whiteheadi: Luzon (northern Philippines)
T. s. celestinoi: Bohol and Mindanao (southern Philippines)
T. s. nigrorum: Negros Island (central Philippines)
T. s. suluensis: Sulu Archipelago (south-western Philippines)

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