Scientific Name:

Calidris alpina




Dunlin Fact File

Distribution: Widespread in northern Europe and North America

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Subspecies: Ten

C. a. arctica: North-eastern Greenland

C. a. schinzii: South-eastern Greenland; Iceland; the British Isles to southern Scandinavia and the Baltic

C. a. alpina: Northern Scandinavia to north-western Siberia

C. a. centralis: North-central to north-eastern Siberia

C. a. sakhalina: Eastern Russia to the Chukotsk Peninsula

C. a. kistchinski: Sea of Okhotsk to Kuril Island and Kamchatka

C. a. actites: Sakhalin Island (off south-eastern Russia)

C. a. arcticola: North-western Alaska to north-western Canada

C. a. pacifica: Western and southern Alaska

C. a. hudsonia: Central Canada

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