Rick and Elis’ Big Green Hike

As we set off from home, the feeders were busy with several Siskins, loads of Chaffinches, a couple of Collared Doves mopping up the detritus dropped by the finches and three species of tit; Blue, Great and Coal. They seemed to be feeding voraciously, it had rained heavily overnight and had only stopped about an hour before our departure. There was also a wind blowing, a strong wind. It was strong in town; heaven knows what awaited us on the clifftops.

We had arranged our walk to take in some of the best and varied delights that Loftus has to offer. We planned to see present day industry, past industry, an historic burial site, pass along a national path, enjoy the environmental delights of a nature reserve and be surrounded by magnificent scenery and all within a few miles of home. We also set ourselves the challenge of surmounting the highest point along this stretch of coast, indeed any stretch on the east coast of England.

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