Global Big Day Results; Wader Quest came 3rd!!!



Volume 11 Issue 1

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These articles and essays have appeared in the newsletter, on the blog or elsewhere, and are collected here for easy access to them.


From time to time, Wader Quest appears in news articles; either those written about us or those we write ourselves following requests from magazines etc. We will post those articles here.


The Birding Life – Wader Conservation World Watch – South Africa

The Bird Emergency – Plover Appreciation Day – Australia

Trees a Crowd – World Curlew Day – UK


Talk Wildlife – Wader Conservation World Watch

Talk Wildlife – Wader Quest

Talk Wildlife – Wader Conservation World Watch7

In Conservation with David Lindo – Coming soon.

American Birding Association – Open Mike Blog 2013/4

American Birding Association logo


On 1st November 2012 Wader Quest was born; the idea being to travel the world, visiting the six major continents on which waders/shorebirds can be found with a view to seeing as many of them as we possibly could, whilst engaging with local communities through talks, visits and the media.

We had two aims for the quest:

  1. To raise awareness about the dreadful plight of shorebirds throughout the world, especially those that rely on the inter-tidal zones during their life.
  2. To raise money to support the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) Spoon-billed Sandpiper captive breeding programme.

We were thrilled that the American Birding Association published our blogs, thus providing a lasting record of our exploits. You can access these through the links below. Our thanks go to the team at ABA for their support during our early days.


18/5/2013: Introducing Wader Quest – read

7/7/2013: Thailand – read

21/7/2013: UAE – read

6/8/2013: Florida – read

18/8/2013: Washington – read

4/9/2013: California – read

15/9/2013: UK/USA Louisiana – read

29/9/2013: UK – read

18/11/2013: South America – read

12/10/2013: South America – read

29/12/2013: Southern Africa – read

6/1/2014: Botswana – read

16/2/2014: South Africa – read

16/3/2014: Down under – read

23/4/2014: South Australia – read

11/5/2014: New Zealand – read

25/5/2014: Chile Atacama to Tierra del Fuego – read

7/6/2014: Gambia – read

22/6/2014: India – read

News, Rick and Elise on their Quest
Rick and Elise on their Quest © Elis Simpson
New page Spoon-billed Sandpiper © Elis Simpson
Spoon-billed Sandpiper © Elis Simpson
News, American avocet © Elis Simpson
American avocet © Elis Simpson