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From time to time, Wader Quest appears in news articles; either those written about us or those we write ourselves following requests from magazines etc. We will post those articles here.


The Birding Life – Wader Conservation World Watch – South Africa

The Bird Emergency – Plover Appreciation Day – Australia

Trees a Crowd – World Curlew Day – UK


Talk Wildlife – Wader Conservation World Watch

Talk Wildlife – Wader Quest

Talk Wildlife – Wader Conservation World Watch7

In Conservation with David Lindo – Coming soon.

American Birding Association – Open Mike Blog 2013/4

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On 1st November 2012 Wader Quest was born; the idea being to travel the world, visiting the six major continents on which waders/shorebirds can be found with a view to seeing as many of them as we possibly could, whilst engaging with local communities through talks, visits and the media.

We had two aims for the quest:

  1. To raise awareness about the dreadful plight of shorebirds throughout the world, especially those that rely on the inter-tidal zones during their life.
  2. To raise money to support the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) Spoon-billed Sandpiper captive breeding programme.

We were thrilled that the American Birding Association published our blogs, thus providing a lasting record of our exploits. You can access these through the links below. Our thanks go to the team at ABA for their support during our early days.


18/5/2013: Introducing Wader Quest – read

7/7/2013: Thailand – read

21/7/2013: UAE – read

6/8/2013: Florida – read

18/8/2013: Washington – read

4/9/2013: California – read

15/9/2013: UK/USA Louisiana – read

29/9/2013: UK – read

18/11/2013: South America – read

12/10/2013: South America – read

29/12/2013: Southern Africa – read

6/1/2014: Botswana – read

16/2/2014: South Africa – read

16/3/2014: Down under – read

23/4/2014: South Australia – read

11/5/2014: New Zealand – read

25/5/2014: Chile Atacama to Tierra del Fuego – read

7/6/2014: Gambia – read

22/6/2014: India – read

News, Rick and Elise on their Quest
Rick and Elise on their Quest © Elis Simpson
New page Spoon-billed Sandpiper © Elis Simpson
Spoon-billed Sandpiper © Elis Simpson
News, American avocet © Elis Simpson
American avocet © Elis Simpson