Wader Quest is supported in its development by a team of Trustees offering a broad range of skill. The Trustees play an important role, providing guidance on the key decisions and direction taken by Wader Quest. In addition to their individual skills, the Trustees are all passionate about wildlife and its conservation and have a particular passion for waders.






Favourite wader seen: Northern Lapwing

Most sought after wader – not yet seen: St Helena Plover

A life-long birder having followed a circuitous route to conservation from garden birder as a child through local patch watcher, British birder, twitcher, world birder and bird guide. It was being a guide in Brazil that led to running local community and school conservation projects with Elis in the Atlantic forest. In addition, he was involved for several years in making twice yearly survey counts of aquatic birds for the Contagem Naçional de Aves Aquáticas (CNAA) for Wetlands International in Brazil.

Rick volunteered at British Natural History Museum bird collection Tring: volunteer collector (road kill) for MZUSP. In addition, he has been a bird guide in UK and Spain for Capital Birding Tours and in Brazil as Rick Simpson Birding Services.

Since returning to the UK Wader Quest has taken over his life taking him around the world to six continents, birding on all nine flyways to see one hundred and seventy-five species of wader; giving talks in many places along the way. Wader Quest has become a conservation effort for a group of birds about which Rick is passionate becoming more and more concerned about the pressures they face and the seemingly low profile their problems have among birders and other wildlife observers.

Rick has had many articles relating to waders and their conservation published and writes blogs and articles for the Wader Quest site, newsletter and the Rick Simpson Birding site. He is a sought-after speaker and amateur bird artist.





Favourite wader seen: White-crowned Lapwing

Most sought after wader – not yet seen: Long-billed Plover

Growing up in Brazil with a strong connection to nature and love of pristine, wild environments. Elis became interested in photographing the beautiful birds of Brazil and is now rarely seen in the field without her camera although she insists that she is not a bird photographer but a birder who takes photographs; she always carries her binoculars too.

Starting in Brazil watching the destruction of the Cerrado near her home and latterly travelling the world Elis has become a passionate conservationist and her interest in waders has given that passion direction.

Together with Rick, Elis organised and ran conservation projects in Brazil, including community and school projects as well as the CNAA, twice annual, water bird counts for Wetlands International.

Elis is a prolific photographer with credits on many websites around the world and also in magazines and journals illustrating articles and papers many of which she has co-authored with Rick.

Elis keeps Wader Quest in touch with the world through social media on numerous Facebook and twitter pages.





Favourite wader seen: Eurasian Dotterel

Most sought after wader – not yet seen: Hooded Plover

Allan has had an interest, some would say obsession, in wildlife since visiting Kruger National Park when he was twelve. Whilst he had an all-round passion for wildlife and science, birds provide the main attraction, with a bias towards waders.

Having worked in various marketing roles, including holding the position of Group Head of Marketing for one of the UKs largest Training and Recruitment organisations, he became a founder director of both AdviserPlus in 2000 and Riverview Law in 2012.

In 2000 he set up talk: Wildlife; a website specialising in news, interviews and comment from smaller, less know conservation charities. He ran this successfully in parallel with his ‘day job’ for three years before closing it to concentrate on his role in AdviserPlus. In 2016 he re-launched talk: Wildlife.

In 2014, he joined the BTO, as Commercial Project and Business Manager, after deciding to take his career in a new direction; combining his interest in birds with his knowledge of business and marketing. He left the BTO in 2016 and now fills his time volunteering for Norfolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB and Pensthorpe.

Allan provides Wader Quest with the commercial know-how necessary to continue its growth, raise awareness of the brand and take a more strategic approach to raising funds and protecting waders on an international scale. He also built and manages the Wader Quest website.

Own website: talk: Wildlife





Favourite wader seen: European Golden Plover

Most sought after wader – not yet seen: Greater Painted-snipe

Andrew grew up in rural Nottinghamshire and after 12 years in IT decided in 2003, to return to his childhood passion of natural history. Since then he has worked in various paid and voluntary roles for local wildlife trusts, universities, ecological consultancies and wildlife tourism companies. Andrew moved to Scotland in 2014 and has worked on upland surveys of breeding waders in the Hebrides, Cairngorms, Lochaber and Perthshire.

As Wader Quest’s most northerly Trustee Andrew represents the charity at Scottish events such as the Scottish Ornithological Society Conference and, through the Norfolk Bird Race and Bird Race Challenge (which he runs with fellow trustee Ian Dearing) he has raised funds for Wader Quest.

Own website: Bird Race Challenge





Favourite wader seen: All long-distance migrants; including Red Knot

Most sought after wader – not yet seen: Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Chris has been interested in birds for most of his life but did not become an active birder until his early twenties; he also has a very keen interest in butterflies, and recently has picked up the challenge of getting to grips with dragonflies.

He was involved in the London Bird Report as a section author, he is a former bird recorder for Middlesex and also a section author for the Cyprus Bird Report.

For six years he has been a trustee of the Ornithological Society of the Middle-East, the Caucasus and Central Asia and spent eighteen months as a council member of BirdLife Cyprus, plus seven years as Vice-Chair and Director of the London Fraud Forum; a limited liability non-profit organisation.

His professional career has seen him working against wildlife crime though the majority of his working life was spent in the anti-fraud area.

He is a BTO licensed Trainer/A ringer and is involved in a number of projects in the UK and overseas including wader ringing projects in the Thames Estuary and The Solent, and has been volunteering on the Red Knot migration study in New Jersey, US on the Delaware Bay. He has ringing experience from

Scandinavia across Europe to Cyprus, Georgia and Israel, and has ringed in Canada and the US. He is currently working with a Gambian NGO in an effort to try and set up the Gambian ringing scheme and a training program for local NGO and Government department employees.

Chris currently works as a self-employed/volunteer ornithologist and occasional tour guide but devotes most of his time to birding and ringing.






Favourite wader seen: Tawny-throated Dotterel

Most sought after wader – not yet seen: Diademed Sandpiper-Plover

Lee is a lifelong naturalist, conservationist and birder. An environmental scientist by training, he has however spent most of his professional life working in the information technology industry.

Since 2006 Lee has divided his time between work and his passion for nature conservation, working mainly with a Brazilian organisation called REGUA to conserve and restore Brazil’s highly threatened Atlantic Forest in Rio de Janeiro state and as well as being closely involved in the conservation and habitat management of Staines Moor Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Surrey, England.

He also writes on the subject of natural history and conservation, with articles and papers published in numerous journals and magazines including Birdwatch, Birdwatching, Birding World, British Birds, Butterfly, London Bird Report and Neoptropical Birding. In addition, Lee is also an accomplished wildlife photographer having had work appear in a number of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, tour company brochures, county bird reports as well as on numerous websites.

Lee on twitter






Favourite wader seen: Sanderling

Most sought after wader – not yet seen: A summer female Red Phalarope (AKA Grey Phalarope)

Rachel has been a housing professional for over 20 years working at several housing associations in south London and for Sustainable Homes where she enthusiastically promoted a greener and more sustainable housing industry.

She is a keen conservationist and devotes much of her spare time to a Brazilian rainforest charity known as REGUA for which she manages an extensive volunteer programme, organises a busy stand at the British Birdwatching Fair and which she promotes through various social media.

She is passionate about both keeping fit and baking, which are getting harder and harder to reconcile as the years go by (she tells us).

Own website: Raw Baking


Non Trustee posts:

We also have non-affiliated volunteer supporters in South Africa and Brazil

Wader Quest South Africa – Peter and Jenny Sharland and Sue Oertli.