Join the Global Big Day Wader Quest team!

May the 11th is the Global Big Day event.

Every year Wader Quest has a team and we invite people from around the world to join us to see how many species of bird we can observe between us.

If you are thinking of going birding this weekend, and are not affiliated to a team already, using your eBird account share your lists with


If you don’t have eBird then simply email us your sightings to and we’ll add them to the team list.

It’s simple and it’s fun.

Let’s see how many species the team can score this year.

Don’t forget this is for a good cause, so as well as taking part, please also consider making a donation to Global Birding on this linkraising vital funds to protect threatened species and habitats.

Your donation will be used to support their work wherever the need is greatest.