Sanderling © Teresa Hedden.

Welcome to Wader Quest

Supporting Shorebird Conservation

Common Greenshank © Elis Simpson

Common Greenshank © Elis Simpson

1Piping Plover chick © Ray Hennessy

Piping Plover Chick © Ray Hennessy

Northern Lapwing © David Jackson.

Who we are

Rick and Elis Simpson set up Wader Quest in 2012, initially intending a year-long fundraising event in support of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper. The dedicated duo travelled the world to see as many wader species as possible.

As they travelled, they discovered just how many problems waders face across the globe and decided to continue to raise money and awareness to support wader conservation.

Roll forward a few years and the charity is in full swing with a team of volunteers, a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee to drive the development of the charity to increase its effectiveness.

Charity number 1193674 (England and Wales)

Wader Guru

If you have questions about waders and shorebirds around the world, the Wader Guru panel are here to help.  You can view recent questions, FAQs and submit your own questions.

Learn more about how to recognise waders, the biggest, smallest and most endangered wading birds, and much more.

Falsterbo Bird Show © Elis Simpson

Eurasian Dotterel Chick © Vojtěch Kubelka

Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs © Elis Simpson

Red-necked Phalarope Incubating © Vojtěch Kubelka