Waders or shorebirds the world over, in whatever habitat they live, are being pushed to the margins, especially those that are long distance migrants. Many species are in decline and some are in real danger of becoming extinct. As a group of birds, they are eclectic and often enigmatic. To lose any one of them would be a tragedy beyond words.

Wader Quest has two aims.
1) To raise awareness about the challenges waders face in the modern world.
2) To raise funds to support wader conservation projects worldwide, especially those involving locally led, community projects.
Supporting Wader Quest as a Friend or Sponsor, by simple donation or purchasing our merchandising means your money will be used to help find a place for the world’s waders now and in the future.

Wader Quest is an entirely voluntary charity with no paid staff. All income is used to support wader conservation through our work.

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Wader Quest is registered charity number 1193674 in England and Wales.