OUT NOW! A Quest for Waders, the new book from Wader Quest

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Here at last, the new book from Wader Quest

A Quest for Waders

Follow Rick and Elis’ travels around the world to look for waders, or shorebirds if you prefer. Share their joy and despair in equal measure.
At the same time find out where Wader Quest the charity has its roots.

Rick Simpson introduces the book – click on the image above to view.

A Quest for Waders, accompanies Rick and Elis on their trips to 14 countries, in 9 different flyways, around the world.

Hilarious anecdotes told in a gritty style, personal family tragedy, elation and disappointment, joy and woe.

Descriptive text conjures up the birds and places visited.

All written with a weathered eye on the conservation issues facing waders across the globe.

There are two journeys running trough this book, the travelling to see waders, and the story of Wader Quest itself from its inadvertent beginnings to the charity it is today.

Rick and Elis Simpson have sacrificed much in their lives to dedicate their time and energy into promoting wader conservation. Find out what drives them in their all consuming passion for these wonderful birds.

Photographs of almost all species encountered depicting the actual birds seen.

This book is a must for armchair travellers, whether or not they are as equally enamoured with the long-legged marathon flyers as are the authors.

Foreword by Dominic Couzens

To buy your copy for the launch price of £15.00 +p&p (RRP £18.50) email sales@waderquest.net.

100% of proceeds from the book will go to Wader Quest in support of wader or shorebird conservation.

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